Friday, September 18, 2015

Monsters Love Colors

Monsters Love Colors - Mike Austin
 by Mike Austin

Monsters love colors. Monsters love to mix colors to make new favorites colors. And what's better than mixing colors ON your friends? They do a lot of scribble, mix, dance and wiggle when mixing colors! Mess is allowed. Color on the walls is ok. Color inside the lines is not required.
This is a gracious book for learning and playing with primary colors and what happens when they mix. I know there are many good books on this topic, but this is a laughable one!
The illustrations are superb, so simple but so creative. The monsters are so cute and friendly.
You know a book is a success when as soon as you close it, your kid wants to start it again right away. And that happened yesterday a few times in a row...
Age range: 2 to 6 years old

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