Saturday, September 19, 2015


Bunnies!!! - Kevan Atteberry, Kevan Atteberry
by Kevan Atteberry

This enthusiastic monster is overly friendly. He greets everything and everyone who crosses his path while wandering through the forest. He gets specially excited when he sees the bunnies. So excited that he drives them away... The bunnies don't like to see him sad, so they approach the monster to play with him. The monster's happiness is massive! He shouts, he dances, he swirls, he... he... he sees the birdies and forgets about the bunnies!

The story is hilarious. It doesn't have a complex plot or a deep message. It just provides a precious moment for laughing out loud.
It counts with only a few words. It's all about the character's facial expressions, and reading it aloud with a silly, exaggerated voice. We also" played" the story adding always a new group of animals who distracts the monster from the previous one.
The illustrations are beautiful. I particularly loved the picture where the monster is holding his own tail. So cute!

Age range: 2 to 6 years old!

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