Monday, November 28, 2016

I feel worried

Tips for kids on overcoming anxiety.
by Nadine Briggs & Donna Shea
illustrations by Ryan Flynn
age range: 7 years old and up

Written in the form of a guide, this book definitively looks like an appropriate tool for kids who have trouble controlling their unjustified worries. It starts thoroughly explaining what worrying is, how it is also known as stress, fear and anxiety, what are the symptoms we experience when we worry, how it is useful to worry when we are in danger since it make us to take action, but how it can be a problem when the worry doesn't have any other function but make us feel bad.
This explanation is followed by ways to find what causes the anxiety, and how to know if the worry is real, or if it is about something that only might happen. Many "tools" are offered so kids can find at least one that works to manage their worries: positive thoughts; relaxation through breathing, "calm scene", and "comfort zone" poster; encouragement cards; among many, many more.

I found the approach of this book, "you can be stronger than your worries", very honest and age appropriate. It is a book a kid can perfectly read by him or herself, but probably having an adult for sharing the reading, ask questions and find support is a great complement. I also find out about other titles by the authors that also address the importance of growing as an emotionally smart kid: How to make and keep friends (tips for kids and a guide for parents), and I feel mad. I'm really happy to see how mental health issues are being brought to kids in a language they can understand and relate to. Highly recommended!

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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