Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dreaming of Mocha

by An Swerts
illustrations by Eline Van Lindenhuizen
age range: 4 years old and up
Clavis Books

Florence wants a dog so bad... Any dog. It doesn't matter if it is fat, or thin. Quite or wild. Florence would love to have a dog to play and take care of. Mom and dad don't think it is a good idea, so Florence dreams of finding a homeless dog. And the way sometimes happens, her dreams come true. One afternoon a sloppy dog appears in her own garden! His name is Mocha, and it is love at first sight...
At first Florence tries to hide Mocha in her bedroom, but mom finds out in no time. After that she boycotts her parents' posters in search for Mocha's owner. She changes the phone number, and even draws eyeglasses and a mustache in Mocha's picture in order to disguise him. But despite all her efforts Leon appears one day at Florence's door looking for his dog, and he is nothing like her imagined he would be. He is not a despicable person who frightens Mocha away. He is actually a sweet old man happy to find his dog, and Mocha evidently loves him. What is Florence suppose to do now?
Loving story which crushes your heart, but finally leaves you with a big smile in your face. Florence is like any other kid, and her feelings are the main theme in this book. She goes from hopeful to happy, and from nervous to sad, and even confused and guilty.
The illustrations are gorgeous, with an ideal balance between white and color, and focused in all those feelings and in Florence and Mocha relationship. Dreaming of Mocha is a book made for read and reread. 

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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