Friday, November 13, 2015

The case of the vanishing little brown bats.

The Case of the Vanishing Little Brown Bats: A Scientific Mystery - Sandra Markle
A scientific mystery
by Sandra Markle.

A few years ago researchers started noticing that an important amount of little brown bats, among other bats, were dying during their hibernation period in winter. Since then many groups of researchers from different organizations have been working together to discover the reason for this disappearance, and to find a solution to this big problem. 
Markle exposes in this book the different leads the scientist followed at the beginning, and how they found the right path to finally find "the killer". The author not only explains the importance of bats for humans, the symptoms of the sick bats, etc., but she also shows in an engaging way how scientists work to solve a problem. Without naming it, Markle is showing the kids how the scientific method works.
The book also includes a glossary, a list of books and websites to know more, tips to go "bat friendly", and how to find the groups in your area that are working to save the little brown bats.
I'm really glad I crossed path with this author and this series. Great scientific non-fiction option for kids 8-12 years old.

Other titles in this series: The case of the vanishing golden frogs (2011) and The case of the vanishing honeybees (2013)

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