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The Glass Gauntlet.

The Glass Gauntlet (The Blood Guard Series) - Carter Roy
The Blood Guard #2
by Carter Roy

In the first book of this series Ronan discovered his mom is part of The Blood Guard, an ancient organization dedicated to protect the thirty-six pure souls. That's good. BUT on the other hand his father is the head of the Bend Siniester, which goal is to destroy the pure souls to have control of the world. That's not so good. I barely guess Ronan's mixed feelings.
Ronan's father is still looking for him while he with his friends Greta and Sammy, are being trained to become part of The Blood Guard.

To save the life of Flavia, a pure whose soul has been stolen by the Bend Siniester, the Guard need the Damascene 'Scope. To help find the scope, the three friends will be required of disguise and join a competition called The Glass Gauntlet tests, that won't be what it seemed to be... not at all. Although they will succeed, Ronan's father will discover a secret about Greta the group has been carefully protecting. Now they are on their way to find Mrs. Sustermann in an attempt to save Greta.

The Glass Gauntlet, like the first book in he series was a lot of action and fun. Some twists were unexpected, but all of them made sense. I still think the idea of protect the good and the right to keep the world in balance is great, and is again very well developed in this book. In addition now that the threesome Ronan-Greta-Sammy is well established, they relationship is something enjoyable to read about. They selflessly help and support each other, they take into account what the others think and want, and they have a lot of fun in the process.
I really like when books addressed to this age range put the focus of the characters in important things like friendship, commitment, personal growth, etc, and not merely in superfluous passing interests.
Age range: 9 to 13 years old.

THE GLASS GAUNTLET  is the second book in The Blood Guard series. Find the review of the first book here

I received this book through in exchange for a honest review.

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