Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I don't like Koala.

I Don't Like Koala - Sean Ferrell
by Sean Ferrel
Illustrations by Charles Santoso

Adam is so excited when he receives his present! He quickly unwraps it and there it is... Koala... Adam doesn't like Koala. Koala looks terrifying. Mom and dad insist in Adam sleep with Koala, and Adam insist in put Koala away.
But when something even more frightening appears, Koala will be all Adam needs to feel protected.
I have to say that I can empathize with Adams' parents. I have been there, pushing, insisting on a toy that will make bedtime easier. I am actually there right now! (The chocolate colored teddy bear failed. We are giving the purple dragon a try... so far without too much success...)

The story is finely illustrated in only a few light colors on a lot of white. I don't know how Santoso does it, but Koala looks terrifying at the beginning and friendly at the end without objectively changing too much!

Age range: 2 to 6 years old.

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