Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Characters with character: FAIRNESS

Stay Away from Simon! - Carol Carrick, Donald Carrick
Stay away from Simon!
by Carol Carrick
Illustrated by Donald Carrick

The kids doesn't feel comfortable when Simon is around. The reason is not really clear. Simon is poor, and he doesn't go to school, he is not very smart, he can't even learn how to read or count. But this can't be a reason for them to dislike him. The real problem is all this gossip around Simon. Those stories people makes up when is scared of something or someone different. The outcome is the kids judging Simon unfairly. Lucy among them.
Trying to runaway from Simon, Lucy gets her and her little brother Josiah into trouble. They are lost in the middle of a snow storm. The situation will turn even more frightening when she realized Simon is still behind them. But Simon is there to help them, and will safely lead them to their home. Lucy realized then how unfair she has been, and how dangerous gossip is.

I loved the last image of Lucy holding Simon hands. So touching!

*This review is part of my project Characters with characters

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