Monday, January 11, 2016

Don't touch this book!

Don't Touch This Book! - Bill Cotter
by Bill Cotter
Age range: up to 6 years old

It's good to meet Larry again! Larry has a lot of rules, like Don't push the button!, and now Don't touch this book! But thankfully Larry is really bad at follow his own rules too. So the new rule is quickly downgraded to "only one finger!", and of course as soon as you drag one finger on the page magic happens, because that's what happens with good books, you touch them and magic happens. You know what I am talking about. So Larry allows you to use all your fingers! And... wow! Now there's no way to stop this! Let's wiggle, and spin, and... and... you better discover it by yourself!

Another great, funny, colorful, interactive picture book to enjoy and treasure.