Monday, September 26, 2016

Author's faves: Helen and Thomas Docherty

I am honored to hosting today The Storybook Knight Blog Tour. So I asked author Helen Docherty, and illustrator Thomas Docherty about their favorite picture books. Here you have the complete list with their comments. Enjoy!

Helen's favorites:

The Sneetches by 
Dr. Seuss

Of course, there are not one but four brilliantly clever and entertaining stories in this book. Wise, humane and very, very funny, each of these stories comes with a clear moral (e.g., if you have 23 sons, don’t call them all Dave).

Leon and Bob 
by Simon James

Perfectly paced, the story of Leon (who misses his Dad) and his imaginary friend Bob is incredibly poignant, but in an understated way. The illustrations capture every subtle emotion, and the ending is a joy every time you read it.

Out and About 
by Shirley Hughes

Not a conventional narrative, this collection of short poems takes us through the year’s cycle from a child’s perspective, capturing many small moments lived. The illustrations are full of carefully observed detail and the verse is lyrical, fresh and always true.

The Bear’s Winter House 
by John Yeoman and Quentin Blake

A favourite from my own childhood, this story of a bear trying to hibernate (but being constantly thwarted by his friends) is perfectly crafted and full of of humour, both in the text and in Quentin Blake’s vibrant illustrations.

The Paper Dolls 
by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb

A sweet, playful story that becomes something much more profound, this book explores the theme of loss with a beautiful lightness of touch. Warning: this book will probably make you cry!

And Thomas' favorites:

How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen 
by Russell Hoban and Quentin Blake

My dad used to read this to me and my brothers because he loved it so much himself, and now I’m doing the same with our daughters… Vintage shenanigans from two of the greats of children’s literature. 

The Tiger-Skin Rug 
by Gerald Rose

Sumptuous illustrations and a touching fairytale of a story transport you to an ancient eastern kingdom where a skinny, old, tiger wants nothing more than to find a quiet home and a family to belong to. 

The Pirate Cruncher 
by Jonny Duddle

A band of salty pirates, a treasure map and the promise of riches beyond their wildest dreams - what could possibly go wrong? A visual delight of a picture book with a hilarious and perilous twist!

The Gardening Pirates 
by Ruth Morgan and Chris Glynn

When Gwen the cabin girl discovers an unusual treasure in the form of vegetable seeds, it might just be what the crew of the Ych-A-Fi (Welsh for “Gross!”) need to get rid of the mean Captain Cranc… An original story with a resourceful heroine and LOTS of vegetables, what’s not to love! 

The Hundred Decker Bus 
by Mike Smith

An ordinary bus with ordinary passengers head off on an extraordinary journey, following their hearts and dreams as they build a community that just keeps on growing and growing. Quirky, fun and (literally) uplifting.

Thank you Helen and Thomas!

You can read more reviews by Helen here. And visit Thomas' website here.

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