Monday, February 22, 2016

This book just ate my dog!

This Book Just Ate My Dog! - Richard Byrne
by Richard Byrne
Age range: up to 5 o 6 years old.

Bella was walking her dog across the pages of this book when suddenly the dog disappeared through the gutter where the pages join together. The book just ate Bella's dog! And it also ate Ben when he tried to help, and the dog rescue van, and the police car, and the fire truck. Also Bella was swallowed when she went check by herself what was going on.
Then, a note to the reader appears. In the note Bella asks the reader to turn the book around and shake it. And with a lot of shaking and some wiggle, everyone and everything appears again. Some evident sequela might be linked to the episode, though...

We had a great time reading this book (many times) last week. It's funny, interactive, and colorfully illustrated. A complete success. I'm really interested in try more Richard Byrne's books soon.
Warning: some times you can be just swallowed by a book!


  1. You can be swallowed by a book...oh, how I know this is true. Thank you for telling me about this very cool book. How I would like to be a fly in Richard Byrne's writing space.

  2. It sounds interesting. Will check this book for sure..