Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Otter in space

Otter in Space (I Am Otter) - Sam Garton, Sam Garton
by Sam Garton
Age range: 3 to 7 years old

Otter liked many thing he saw in this visit to the museum with Teddy and Otter Keeper, but the best of all of them was the Outer Space Room. All he can think about now is in having a moon rock to play with! The only solution seems to be going to the Moon and bring a rock. Time to get prepared! There are space suits to design, a spaceship to build, and some training to do. Finally Otter and Teddy are ready to go. They launch from the top to the slide, and they land on the backyard. The perfect moon rock is right there, waiting for being dug out and brought back to Earth. Otter Keeper is not really happy with the outcome, but Otter and Teddy are ready for more adventures at the Moon!

Otter is the most adorable character I have seen in a long time. I love all the (screen free) fun he has using only his imagination, his toys, and some "help" from his friends. It made me feel like making a spaceship with my kids this weekend. All I need now is an appropriate box and some delicious treats. Going to outer space needs a lot of extra energy.
I'm glad to know this book is part of a series, because I really want to join Otter in more adventures!


  1. Thank you. This looks very cute. And I agree with you about the screen time.

    1. Kids today are in need of so much screen-free time!

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