Thursday, January 7, 2016

You look Yummy!

You Look Yummy! (Tyrannosaurus Series) - Tatsuya Miyanishi
by Tatsuya Miyanishi
Age range: 4 to 8 years old

When baby Ankylosaurus hatches, he finds himself all alone in a place unknown to him. The first dinosaur he finds is the Tyrannosaurus, whose intentions are not difficult to figure out. But it happens that the baby thinks the Tyrannosaurus is his daddy and shows him so much love, that soon the Tyrannosaurus starts liking him back. He protects him and teaches the baby all he knows. He even eats berries instead of meat!
The baby repeats the whole time he wants to be like his daddy, and at some point the Tyrannosaurus understands this can't work. The baby won't grow to be like him, he is not his real daddy. There's only one right thing to do. The Tyrannosaurus tricks the baby to race him to the top of the mountain where he will find his real family, where he belongs.

The most interesting thing about this book is the ending. It is a happy ending, but a different kind of happy ending we are used to. Be aware that it could seem a little sad at the first moment, but at the same time will bring a great chance to talk about why this is actually a happy ending...

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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