Monday, December 21, 2015

Sam's Top Secret Journal: Memorial Day

Sam's Top Secret Journal: Book 3- Memorial Day: Memorial Day - Sean Adelman, Siri Bardarson, Dianna Bonder, Andrea Hurst
Sam's Top Secret Journal #3
by Dr. Sean Adelman
Age range: 10 to 12 years old

Sam is in ninth grade and has Down Syndrome. Writing and drawing in her journal helps her think and make sense of what looks messy at the beginning.
In this third book in the series Sam's family is having a short vacation during the Memorial Day long weekend in a rented house near a retired military base. There they gather with other relatives, including Madison, Sam's teenage cousin whose father was injured while serving in Afghanistan and is still being treated in a hospital. It's a difficult time for Madison and she is not coping really well. It's really hard to get along with her. At some point Sam sees Madison doing something really bad, and she struggles about the best way of handle the situation to make things right without hurting anybody's feelings.
Sam is a sweet girl, and the story is focused in her strength and skills, and not in her differences. I think the approach is fantastic. Any kid of her age can relate with her.
I suggest you take a minute to stop by at Sam's top secret journal and Raise expectations facebook pages.

I received this copy from the author via Bostick Communications in exchange for an honest review.

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