Monday, November 23, 2015


Float - Daniel Miyares, Daniel Miyares
by Daniel Miyares
Age range: up to 8 years old

I remember making boats from newspaper in rainy days when I was a child. I remember the excitement when folding the paper, trying to make it perfect for a perfect performance. I remember the joy of seeing it surfing at great speed. I remember running along with it. I remember feeling disappointment when it got crushed or sunk.

This book brought all this adventures back to me, and it provided a precious moment with my kids. Since the story is wordless, all this adventures can be incorporated to the story. I wish it would have rained yesterday afternoon to sail some paper sailboats! We actually folded boats, but they had to settle to the living room carpet.

When our main character comes back home holding his wrecked boat, a hug, dry clothes and a hot chocolate with marshmallows are waiting for him. And of course, a brand new sheet of newspaper. What could he do now that the sun is shinning?

I remember folding newspaper to make a perfect plane when I was a child...

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