Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Blizzard - John Rocco
By John Rocco

A few words from the author extracted from the book:

"On Monday, February 6, 1978, New England experienced one of the biggest snowstorms in its history, It snowed for two days, and by the time it stopped, parts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut were buried under forty inches of snow.(...) The wind was blowing fifty miles an hour and created snowdrifts up to fifteen feet high. Where I grew up in Rhode Island, it took over a week for snowplows to get to our street. This book is based on my experience as a ten-year-old boy in that blizzard and how I got to the store, over a mile from my house, with tennis rackets tied to my feet."

The pictures pushed us into the story. The text made us feel into the book. We wanted to play in the snow. We smelled the hot chocolate. We felt desperate when the snowplows wouldn't show up. We cheered John in his journey, and booed when it was time to come back to school. Highly recommended!

Age range: 4 to 8 years old.

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