Monday, October 19, 2015

The measly virus

The Measly Virus - Emma Vincent, Laura Watson
by Emma Vincent
Illustrated by Laura Watson

This is such a good book! The message is clear and shown in a funny, playful way. The illustrations are colorful and attractive. The measly virus is nice enough to don't be frightening, but ugly enough to don't look cute.
I've heard so many times my kids being explained how by being vaccinated they can avoid getting badly sick,  but the social aspect of vaccination is rarely addressed. In this story kids can learn about measles, how you catch it, how bad you feel when you are sick with this disease, AND how by getting vaccinated you not only keep yourself healthy, but help to protect people who is too weak or too young to receive the vaccine. It's a wonderful way of being generous and responsible. Kids can be superheroes!

THE MEASLY VIRUS is dedicated to Riley Hughes, a baby who passed away at the beginning of this year after catching Pertussis. Part of the proceeds from this book sales are donated in Hughes memory to Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation to support research on Pertussis disease, and promote vaccination. 

Visit Emma Vincent at her website.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of a honest review.

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