Monday, October 5, 2015


Journey - Aaron Becker
 by Aaron Becker

I would give this book 10 stars if it were possible!

The girl feels lonely. Everybody seems to be busy.The only one who can not find something interesting to do is her. Nothing attracts the girl... at least no in this world... but what about in an imaginary one? With a red crayon she draws a red door to a magic world.
The pictures immediately become colorful and more dynamic.  In the first pages we could feel the girl boredom, but as soon as she goes through the red door the time seems to fly while she is having fun, dreaming other worlds.
Her dreams are full of beauty, adventure and danger too. And in her dreams she finds a friend, not only to share her dreams, but to enjoy in this world too.

It's a bad idea to talk to much about this book... it's much better to let the pictures talk, and even sing!

Age range: 4 to 99 years old!

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