Tuesday, September 22, 2015

None the number. A counting adventure.

None the Number: A Hueys Book - Oliver Jeffers
by Oliver Jeffers

Some time ago, my 4 year old son proudly showed me how he could make 6 adding 3+3, and 2+2+2. I showed him we could do 5+1 and 4+2 too. Then he realized we could make 1+2+3 and 1+1+4! I was so excited I decided to push him a little further and showed him we could make 6+0=6! His smile faded from his face all of a sudden, and very serious he told me "Mom, zero is not a number!". When I came across this book I knew it was perfect for him.

This is an original counting book.  Forget about counting conventional things like apples, butterflies or candy corn. The kids will not only count up to ten, but they will play with the concept of the "none", or zero. Though the word "zero" is never used in the story.

The Hueys are hilarious. The illustrations are simple but funny. This is my first Hueys' book but I'll check more out for sure.

Age range 4 to 6 years old.

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