Monday, September 14, 2015

Friendship comes in many colors!


 Rainbow of Friendship
by Joni Klein-Higger
Illustrated by Eileen Goldenberg

The beautiful red girl, redder than red, is used to her red town, with its red streets, and her red friends. But one day red daddy decides it's time to explore the world so they drive to Rainbow Row City, a city full of different colors.
There the beautiful red girl meets kids of different colors: the friendly blue girl with the blue ribbons, the tall orange boy with his fancy orange hair style, the smiley yellow girl with her yellow braids, and more! The red girl is puzzled. "Since that moment, my life simply wasn't the same", she says. She is not sure if it is safe to befriend kids of other colors, but she finally decides to give it a try. Her new friends love the same games she loves, and all of them have a great time together. After all Rainbow Row City is where rainbows are made, and who doesn't love rainbows?

The story is told in rhyme form. I wasn't surprised when I later discovered the author is a long time songwriter, since the text seems sung to me.
The illustrations are of course really colorful. How could they not be!

"Each color has added its own special hue to color my life in whatever I do".
This book is all about respect, tolerance and focus in the richness of being different!

I received this copy via "Pump up your book" in exchange for an honest review.

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